Monday, November 18, 2013

6 Words My 1-year-old Shouldn't Know

Everything is different the second time around, and it's certainly true with the words Baby Bat is learning. No, I'm not talking about 4-letter words. But these are definitely words that were not in Batman's vocabulary at this age.

1. Coffee

Baby Bat has been pointing to my mug for awhile and saying "coffee?" which has been kind of funny and cute. This morning, however, he formed his first ever 3-word "sentence" using this new word. I was making a pot of coffee in the kitchen, and he toddled up to me and said, "Drew have coffee?" Now there's one for the baby book.

2. Gum

We have a small bowl with little pieces of candy and packages of gum in it that sits on top the refrigerator. A few months ago in a moment of weakness I let Batman try gum for the first time. Now he frequently asks for gum, so of course Baby Bat asks for gum as well. He has no idea what it really is. He thinks Dum-Dums are gum. Which brings us to our next word...

3. Candy

Batman had never tried candy until the Halloween right before he turned 2. At that point, we let him eat a couple of pieces and that was it. He went trick-or-treating, but somehow that candy just managed to disappear without him eating it... and, um, yeah... I have no idea how that happened...none at all. Baby Bat, on the other hand has been getting Dum-Dums from the nice bank tellers for about a year now. Since I freelance now, I always have checks to deposit, which means we're at the bank a lot more than we used to be. Needless to say, Baby Bat is quite familiar with this word.

4. Batman

My little Batman discovered Batman in preschool when he was 3. He had a friend who he called "Ben with the Batman shirt" any time he talked about him. I don't think I need to explain why Baby Bat learned this word so early.

5. Hot Tub

I'm pretty sure most 1-year-olds aren't going up to their parents and asking, "Hot tub? Hot tub?" This summer Andy and I finally bit the bullet on a wish-list item we've had for a long time. We put in a patio out back and the hot tub followed shortly after. Occasionally we turn down the temperature and let the kids get in with their pirate ships, submarines, rubber sharks, elasmosauruses and so forth. Baby Bat is a big fan of the new addition.

6. No

Okay, so this is a word that many 1-year-olds know. But isn't it always shocking when they learn it for the first time and start expressing their opinions quite firmly? Not long after Drew learned this word, I heard him in the back seat of the car practicing for his rebellious phase. "No, mama. No, dada. No, mama. No, dada. No, mama." He became quite proficient over a short period of time. Terrible twos, here we come.

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