Monday, August 5, 2013

Bear stew and other delicacies

Reading stories before bed tonight, Jacob and I had the following conversation:

Jacob: Are brown bears the biggest animal in the world?

Me: They're the biggest animal in our country.

Jacob: I want you to take me to see a brown bear so we can attack it and then have bear stew.

Me: Well, bears are pretty dangerous. I don't know if that's a good idea.

Jacob: We'll just put out some red meat and then while the bear is attacking the meat, I'll jump on its back and stomp on it.

Me: It would still be dangerous because bears are very strong with sharp claws. And we don't want to hurt animals. It's true that we eat some animals, but only what we need. The rest of the animals we should leave alone.

Jacob: Why?

Me: Because they're creatures like us, so don't you think they should get to live on the earth?

Jacob: I do, but bears are carnivores and they attack other plant-eaters and carnivores, so that's why we should attack them.

Me: They do eat some animals, but they usually only eat as much as they need, too.

Jacob: But I've never eaten an animal.

Me: You've eaten cow.

Jacob: No I haven't!

Me: Beef is cow. And you've eaten buffalo. And chicken.

Jacob: But I've never eaten... (leaning in close and lowering his voice)... bear... (whispers) or giraffe... (whispers more softly) or elephant.

Me: Um, no you haven't. Let's keep reading.

So... who says kids are picky eaters? Should I be disturbed? Or should I pat myself on the back for raising a child with adventurous palate? I guess I shouldn't be surprised from the kid who tried lutefisk and chicken feet as a baby.

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