Monday, October 14, 2013

A List of My 1-Year-Old's Favorite Things

  1. Elmo
  2. Cookies
  3. Watching people blow bubbles with gum
  4. Climbing into his carseat all by himself
  5. Climbing up into the clubhouse
  6. Climbing anything
  7. Rocket (our dog)
  8. Throwing everything out of his crib and taking off his pajamas in the morning
  9. Milk
  10. Playing "trampoline" with someone who is lying on the floor
  11. Washing his hands
  12. Riding in the blue car
  13. Monkeys
  14. Puppies
  15. Things with wheels 
  16. Running
  17. Jumping
  18. Throwing away trash
  19. Brushing his teeth
  20. Picking raspberries and eating them
  21. Sitting in big brother's chair
  22. Playing with big brother's toys
  23. Riding in big brother's carseat
  24. Jumping on big brother's bed
  25. Eating big brother's leftover sandwich crusts
  26. Eating big brother's snack
  27. Drinking big brother's drink
  28. Wearing big brothers' shoes
  29. Sneaking into big brother's choir class
  30. Irritating the heck out of big brother

Don't be fooled by this innocent face!

1 comment:

  1. 31. His uncle's switch blade mazda key.


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