Monday, October 21, 2013

Raising Batman is now featured on!

A few weeks ago I submitted this blog to be listed on, and my submission was recently approved!

I was kind of excited when I got the email. Success!

Now let me clarify one thing... I have no idea how significant this listing is. It's quite possible they say yes to everyone. In their FAQs, they claim they don't list everyone, but that could be some clever marketing going on there... who knows?

Also, I should point out that I only discovered the site recently, so it's not like this had been some dream  years in the making. But still, it's fun to see it listed here. Scroll way down to the bottom when you click on the link. Keep scrolling. Keep scrolling. Farther. Farther. Still more until finally...yep! There it is, WAAYYY down at the bottom.

How popular is AllTop? I looked up some stats on because I was curious. Here are a few random samplings of various sites and their supposed global rankings:


So there you have it.


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