Monday, July 8, 2013

Games You Can't Buy on Amazon

Jacob and Drew have really started to play well together (when they're not fighting, of course). They have made up a few games they like to play together that maybe aren't the kind of games you can buy on In case you or your kids want to try these, I have outlined the rules below:

In this game, one person (preferably the older child) steals the most treasured blankie in all the world from the younger child and makes off with it. The younger child, rather than throwing a fit, is supposed to chase the older child around the house and try to get the blankie back. (For a variation, try playing this game with a sippy cup of milk instead. We call this game "Milk.")

Similar to "Blanket," the game of "Carrot" is a keep-away-style game, but played on a smaller scale. You will need a bowl of baby carrots and a chair with holes in the back (like a wicker chair). To play, the older child pokes baby carrots through the holes in the back of the chair and then quickly withdraws the carrots before the younger child is able to retrieve them from the other side. (Think whack-o-mole.)

This game can be played with two or more children. The older child lures the younger child into a closet in the house and then closes the door on both of them. At a random point, the older child will open the door and both children will burst into laughter at the hilarity of it. Repeat until somebody pinches a finger or gets hit in the head in the dark. The winner is the one who isn't crying.

I'm sure your family will love playing these games as much as mine.

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